The ‘Shipping’ forecast

Okay, I’m writing this while debugging some lit particle crash on a console. It takes forever to reboot, but just in case things get a bit dis-jointed it’s because I’ve hit a break point and I need to do something. It looks like some sort of memory overwrite, but you never can tell with these things.

Today started off like Monday’s tend to, no interest in doing anything at all. Anyway, modified some tools to support null pixel shaders in effects files. That took longer than it should have, then modified a load of stuff to do with attribute handling. Had lunch, walked the dogs. Did more work. Went to combat, which was fun. And now come back to this bug.

Ah, on the second run I’ve noticed there’s dodgy data getting into the draw list form the front end. That really shouldn’t be there.

Oh, think we may have found the problem, a pre-requisite is set wrong.

So shipping. Now this a bit of an internet phenomenon. It’s to do with ‘fandom’. So basically it’s lots of internet geeks deciding who should be in a relation’ship’ with who. It’s usually celebrities, or people on internet channels or indeed fiction. Now some of these can go a little bit far, as they then evolve into ‘fan-fiction’. If you just do a Google for ‘Harry Potter fan-fic’ or something like that, you will easily find dear Harry taking it up the arse from Draco Malfoy. And let’s not get into how Pikachu and Ash have rather illicit relationships.

You then also get this thing called ‘OTP’ which is short for ‘one true pairing’, this is where you feel that the characters in this ‘ship’ really belong together.

Now this is all fairly weird shit, so why the ramble? Okay it comes back to Dan Howell again, his ‘you-tube’ channel is called ‘danisnotonfire’ and yes he is very cute (he’s 23). I listen to his and Phil’s radio show. Now Phil ‘amazingphil’ is another ‘v-logger’. Now what a ‘v-logger’ is is basically what I do in text, but on a you tube channel. So they sit there and talk to a camera. I sit here and talk to myself. So the thing is, these two guys have known each other since they were what 16, they now share a house together in London after sharing a flat in Manchester. Neither has a girl friend, although Dan has blogged about various relationships in the past. Now these two guys are very friendly on camera, okay, whats presented on camera is very different to IRL (in real life), but you do have to wonder. Now I’m not going to write any strange fan-fiction about them doing a radio show and then disappearing into a sauna for some hot butt sex (there’s plenty of it about, Google is your weird friend). But sorry guys, as Sally said in ‘When Harry met Sally’, “Men and women can’t be friends without sex becoming involved.” There’s no way I can see you being together that long without a bit of cock worship. I’m not saying that every night there’s bowel ploughing (as I think both are probably tops anyway), but I’m sure a bit of Reading has met Leeds and some fapping has taken place. Does it effect me? No. Does it effect them? No. Good on you. But do please do a video with some sexy action:)

On the subject of scary fan-fiction I came across one on Justin Bieber, I think the person who wrote it has ‘come across him’ on more than one occasion. But describing the money shot as a ‘Biebergasm’ just made me piss myself. And for God’s sake don’t Google anything on the Harries twins.

I’ve found the bug now, it was to do with stale scenegraph data from the front end being read by the particle system.

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