Today I tried to board a bus with poor people

So the weather is still a bit pants, so I made the most of it by staying in bed until lunchtime. Got up and walked the dog, it was very icy so Sasha tried to pull me over time after time.

Came back, put on something warmer then walked to Tesco’s. Picked up enough shopping for dinner this evening. Yes it’s curry again.

Had some toast. Then decided it would be good to go to HMV as they are the latest to go into administration. So I walked to Cribbs Causeway. It took just over an hour in the snow, was actually quite pleasant now there’s no real traffic down one of the main roads. Went to HMV, browsed for quite some time and then eventually purchased some CD’s.

Left HMV and thought that I couldn’t really be asrsed to walk back. So wandered down to the bus stop. I looked for the executive lounge but couldn’t seem to find one. Found the correct bus, which was already waiting there. I boarded, asked for a first class ticket and if there was a drinks service on this vehicle. The driver grunted at me and mumbled something, I then discovered he only spoke Polish. I got off the bus and walked home.

Did the accounts, ordered some more pants, I’ll go into why tomorrow. Lots of bits to get on with tomorrow, but now, bath, wine and dinner.

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