Apparently the secret to getting some action is wearing nice pants

Last night was a bit strange, actually no, last night wasn’t, I made a curry and then we went to bed. Friday night. Now Friday’s are never normally known for their sexual exploits but for some reason I was wearing a particular pair of yellow briefs. It had got to the point where Jamie had failed to put the washing away, so my usual collection of comfy but sagging pants was still on the airer. So I was wearing these quite, how should I put it ‘taut’ pair of yellow patterned pants. I then got accused of wearing his, until I pointed out they were size small. Anyway, he then jumped me like the AA would fire up an old banger. Then I went to sleep.

Sunday morning, well, wasn’t really in the mood to do anything really. So stayed in bed and watched the American Celebrity Apprentice. Got up and had a very late lunch. Didn’t do the dog shit run as the garden is still covered in snow. Checked the heating magnaclense thing and it was pretty much clean, so that could be done. Ended up removing the labels off sixteen wine bottles, sterilising and then filling them. There’s still about four bottles worth in the barrel. It’s still a a bit of an acquired taste at the moment,but it’s got one hell of kick to it. I’m sure like me, it will mature with age.

I then drained down the heating and flushed it all. Got rid of all the sludge cleaner. Then refilled it and added the inhibitor. The boiler is now on max, but I’ve dropped the pump down to medium. I’m probably going to leave the lock shields for the moment and just measure the flow and return at the boiler. I’m hoping for a nice 12 degree drop, but considering the header tank was filled with very fresh outside temperature water, the return is currently -4. It needs to get that to about 87, it may take it’s time. One thing I will do though now is reset all the TRV’s back to the correct temperatures. That should then hopefully make the house temperature more balanced. Then piss around with the locks shields next week if it’s not balancing itself.

Ordered more pants.

Going to have a bath, read a magazine then have a Chinese. Back to mobile work next week hopefully after I finish off a few bits. Not a particularly productive weekend, but I blame the weather.

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