And then it snowed

So woke up this morning with it all white and crisp and even, and no that wasn’t because I shot my load across the sheets. The dog went out for a pee at 5AM and had a great time.

Today I was working on adding JavaScript code to do automated Facebook posts, it’s all rather overblown and complicated but in the end it all works. Hopefully wrap the rest of it up early next week then I’m back on to mobile stuff.

Took the dog for a walk lunchtime and she had a great time in the snow. Gym was closed, so went for an early evening walk instead. It’s fairly chilly, must be a good weekend to drain the heating down.

Not sure what I’m doing this weekend, all a bit weather dependent really. Got plenty to get on with even if I don’t venture out. Only place I’m going to venture to now is the bath. Do I hear a bottle of wine calling…

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