Today I failed to do anything really constructive

Ended up getting up later than I’d planned due to dozing off and having one of my Saturday morning dodgy dreams. I remember there being lots of naked people but that was about it. Went to Tesco’s, Jamie had failed to give me his shopping list, so has no food.

Came back, walked the dog had lunch. Drove to outside town, parked up. Walked to Maplin, picked up some blank Blu Ray discs, want to archive a couple of bits off the PVR. Walked into town, picked up some new phones for mother. Drove to mothers, installed new phones, listen to her talk about herself for a bit. Came back home and did the accounts. Now I’m not going to have a bath (so no need for wine), will have a shower instead and then cook a curry. Tomorrow I’m sure will be full of excitement. Probably not though.

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