I thought I’d walk 10 miles in the rain, so I did

Day started slowly, I had no real plans, so was in no real hurry. Had breakfast, had sex, read a book on Tokyo. Finally got up and had lunch. See, I did say it was a slow day…

After lunch I did the the dog shit run, then decided as it was horribly cold and drizzling that wouldn’t it be good to walk ten miles. So off I went and walked to doggy daycare (without the dog) and back. I know it’s pretty much exactly ten miles. I know how long it takes now as well, if you want to know then walk there yourself.

Came back, changed socks. Did the first lesson of my Japanese language course again as I now have my blank flash cards, so wrote them all out. I’ve added the Japanese script as well, I have no real plans to learn it yet, but some of it may sink in for certain words making things a bit easier. I will attempt to do one lesson a day and see how I get on after all when I was in Japan about fifteen years ago I could speak Japanese fairly fluently providing it wasn’t going into any great depth (discussing the beer being watery was fine, discussing the intricacies of particle physics was a bit out of my league). A Lot of it is coming back to me, but as usual with age more falls out than goes in (a bit like hair). Jamie is learning as well but using a different course, he has one which is more of a ‘tape’ type thing on his phone. It’ll be fun anyway.

Right, I’m going to have a bath now, followed by a posh dinner, well it’s ‘Tesco’s Finest Range’ anyway. It’s chicken, so probably about 90% horse then.

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