Today I learnt Kanji (Well not all of them)

Last night to stop my heart palpitations I drank a considerable quantity of wine and ended up going to bed fairly late. This cure the heart problem, however it did give me a hell of a headache this morning. So this mornings productivity wasn’t particularly high. So I went through a few videos on more course on ‘Kanji’, ended up learning about thirty of them. All useful ones like in/out, stop, including tax and the sort of things you see on signs.

Walked the dog. Came back and did some work, today was mostly on Android stuff, had a lot of loose ends to tie up. Did Body Pump. Came back and did a load more work to make up for this mornings loss. Still have a few more Android things to sort out but it’s getting there. I think I’m going to have a bath now, but for once I’m going to skip the wine. Talking of wine, the brewing is going well. Well the Red is certainly bubbling away, about one big bubble a second. The white however is refusing to bubble at all, it’s fizzing gently in the bucket, but no major gas output. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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