Three suitcases and a step ladder

Woke up in a pile of sweat. It was either a very hot evening or I’m going through ‘the change’. Actually started early, so I could finish vaguely on time. Working on dull stuff for the next four days, but it’s only four days, so grin and bare it.

Managed to get in a few more bits of Japanese revision in breaks. Went out for a run. Finished on time so went out to Almondsbury to find another Geocache. Spent about twenty minutes thundering about in a thorny bush, I was looking for a nano-cache not attempting a dogging feat. Failed.

Came back home and once again failed to find a decent location for three suitcases and a step ladder. They are currently all sat on the landing, every time I need to move across the landing I have to shift them all around. They will probably stay their for eternity.

I realise that we are going to be in Tokyo for ten nights, so far we have Tokyo Disneyland for two days, nothing else planned, better have a look.

Tonight is very warm, the dog is asleep in her basket, even she can’t be arsed to do anything.

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