Lesson of the weekend, mixing Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, SSRI’s, Kingfisher and three bottles of wine, isn’t a great idea

So yesterday started with sanding. Much sanding. Mainly working on the coving, I’ve done about three quarters of the bit which is stripped. It’s actually coming along quite nicely and I’m getting quite a nice finish. I spent the best part of four hours manually sanding it, this caused the whole downstairs to be covered in dust, as well as me. After this my arms were aching and my neck was shot. I took a shower and a few tablets to stop my neck flaring up. Went out for a walk and then felt fine.

Met my sister at the pub, it was full so we went off to the Taj Brasserie, which was very nice indeed. I was so parched (and full of sanded plaster) that I downed two pints of King Fisher in about three minutes. The meal was very good, although the Chicken Garlic Chilli Masala wasn’t as spicy as I’d normally expect. Then between three of us we got through three bottles of wine and I think my sister and I drank the bulk of that. Got home and then the combination of everything caused me to revisit the curry. It was no spicier the second time round. I then spent several hours praying to the porcelain god. I have no idea if it was the shear amount of alcohol or a combination of SSRI’s and anti-flams, but it came on all of a sudden. Usually I just fall asleep.

So then, in the morning, how did I feel? Amazing. I woke up a little dehydrated and that was it. For the first time in months I actually felt that my melatonin levels were about normal and my head and body were actually both in the same time zone. I was going to get back into sanding but took the dog out, she decided it was far too hot for her and actually sat down a couple of times. As it really was a nice day I thought I’d give the DIY a miss and go out and get some sun. So I had some lunch then went out walking for about five hours. I had my little GPS app and found three more Geocache’s in Hortham and one in a Almondsbury church yard. Came back, hung some more washing up and had a cold beer (see I can’t be put off). Then I did a few more bits of Japanese on the iPad and then had a bath. Now just relaxing before work again tomorrow. Just four work days.

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