A day without email, actually fairly pleasant

So the pppoe dropped sometime over night. Rather than kicking it I want to see if the auto drop at about 4AM kicks it off again. If it doesn’t I want to see if I can manually restart it using the backup firewall access. So there’s been no email today, pinging the gateway works but it doesn’t get beyond the firewall. It’s actually been quite nice with no annoying spam.

On Saturday I installed DropBox on the Ubuntu server, this involved large amounts of python scripts. I’ve then set up a cron task to tar the apache directories into by home DropBox directory, this then is mirrored on DropBox. Oddly that all works.

Summer is over as it was pissing down today. Took the dog to daycare, she didn’t mind. Went for a run in the drizzle.

Did a lot more Japanese. Still can’t find enough to fill ten days with, so stocking up the phone with crap I need to watch. May take a few Kindle books as well. Two more days of work left, yey.

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