Three more caches found

Got up and did yet more research work. Made quite a few decisions on how I’m going to tackle the job, some will no doubt be wrong, but I have to start somewhere.

Went for a run as it’s Jamie’s dog day. Jamie finished work early, so oddly we had a shag at about five thirty, it was quite fun a vigorous, then I went back to work and watched a presentation on anti-alaising techniques.

Finished off and then trotted out with my little GPS. Ended up in Almondsbury again (they all seem to be that way) and finally found one called ‘green fingers’ which was hidden in a bush, this is my second attempt at this one. It was actually hidden on the ground in a model of a hand, very clever. I then walked further over towards the quarry and found two more there, there’s a third one of the other side of the railway line but light was fading. Came back, ate salad and watched telly. Early kick off tomorrow with Sasha going to daycare.

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