Gran was right, eating cheese before bed will give you bad dreams

I whispered to the guy at the table, that all was going ahead as planned, then I was called over to the reception desk in the large dinning hall. They said I had a delivery, it was a tall glass like dome containing something. I walked back but then turned around again to the reception desk. I said, “Is it okay if I store this in the cellar due to the earthquakes?”. They said it was fine. I walked passed the table and whispered, “It’s okay I’ll follow the girls out somehow.” I made it to the stairway and started descending the numerous staircases. I made it to the ground floor where there was a small but busy haberdashery shop, the final staircase led down to the cellar. It was obstructed by various boxes of bottles, I managed to climb over them all and found myself in a tunnel in the cellar. I walked further on and there in front of me was a wall full of electronics, I could faintly hear the sound of a tape recorder playing the same brain washing message that had gotten to all of us. I picked up a tea trolley and with one mighty swoop I snapped off all the circuit boards hanging out of the wall. I then pulled a load of wiring looms away from it. In the background I could hear people coming down to the cellar. I quickly moved to the center of the room and found an air-conditioning unit above me. I removed the cover and started pulling out the foam inside. I then dived up into the foam and found myself in the floor above.

I woke up and took the dog to daycare. I went back to sleep.

We’d just come back from holiday and Jamie was saying that he fancied a trip to New York and that he wasn’t going to take me. I said if he did that I’d divorce him. Andy and Lisa turned up, they sat on the couch while Jamie fannies about. He then said that, “we are going out now, sorry you could come as well but there isn’t enough room in the car.” I asked where they were going, he replies, “We are going to see my old friend Dave Vitty do a show at Rage”. I start to seeth, Andy and Lisa look uncomfortable. They leave the house. We are all in a restaurant together, Jamie starts moaning about money, I say that I want nine pounds for Sasha’s doggy daycare and a fiver for the petrol. He hands me a load of change. He also says he wants to move to London, I say no, unless he starts earning more than me. We are back at the house, he then complains that tickets to New York are more expensive than he thought as the payment bounced.

I woke up. Time for work.

Oddly a letter arrived for Jamie from the bank, he’d probably gone over his overdraft limit again. I said he shouldn’t have tried to buy that ticket to New York, he looked confused.

Today was the last day of conference material. Got through it all, tomorrow I start on the practical stuff.

Finished up and then went geocaching again. Found another four. Still stuck on the one by the Hilton hotel. Think I’ve got good clues for another two. Also just managed to solve a picture puzzle, I thought it was an anagram, but it was actually coordinates. Now programmed into the GPS, so ready to go tomorrow. Yes, over bloody Almondsbury way again.

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