New GPS and a new job title

Carried on working on what I was working on last week, which wasn’t really working on anything but going through a lot of documentation and conference notes.

Walked the dog, nice weather again today.

My new GPS arrived. Went to the gym and did combat, great fun, nice to be back into it, was a very hot studio though.

Came back and got my GPS out, signed up to a premium account on Downloaded a free map and found an old SD card to put it on. Also set it up for paperless caching, so I can send geocaches straight to the device. Went for a little jaunt and failed to find two caches, so many well spent, but I haven’t really worked out how to use it all properly yet. Need to play around with it a lot more.

Ate salad. Watched an episode of ‘Endeavour’ which to be honest I think is the best one out of Morse and Lewis.

Spoke to the boss earlier, had a short discussion. I’m now a certain console platform lead. Which is good as I’ve spent the last week learning about it. I’m still spending a day a week working on mobile stuff to keep my hand in. Now due to fun NDA’s that’s the first time and probably the last time I’ll ever mention anything about it.

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