Thinking about holidays, thought about them, move on

Still finishing off some browser type work. Thankfully that’s now near enough come to an end. One tiny little bit to do on that tomorrow then hopefully on to something else.

Walked the dog. Wet route, as it was still as slippery as hell. Tesco shopping arrived, woot. Still monitoring boiler temperatures, got the slow set to about 60 degrees now, I’m reading the return from the bottom of the tank and the flow from the top of the pump, I appear to be getting a 20 degree drop there which is good. The boiler seems to be modulating correctly, but I do need to set the TRV’s using a probe and have a vague go at balancing it again. Although with the TRV’s shutting down correctly this isn’t so important.

Looked at a few holiday destinations. Thinking of some sort of fly-drive towards Ohio. I’m leaving it up to Jamie to book, I’ve given him dates and a budget. Which means we’ll end up in a caravan in Wales. If he had any intelligence he would book Tokyo where he wants to go. We’ll be going to Wales then.

Went to the gym and did Combat. I actually broke into a sweat tonight so must have put some effort in. Weather could be a factor tomorrow regards my run, if it’s still icy. Will have to see.

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