There’s a bottle of vinegar on the coffee table that will probably outlive me

Christmas is coming, peace and good will to all men…fuck that. So today was yet again debugging bloody multi-threaded rendering. It was fine, just a bit dull. Caught up on my mass backlog of radio listening. So that’s all show tunes, rave, big band and organ music done. Walked Sasha, Dillon wasn’t interested yet again. Despised my mother, nothing unusual there. Did I ever mention about the Nike Windrunner jacket? Probably not, story for Christmas that one.

Is it possible to despise and love someone at the same time? Ah, probably. The dog has eaten a sock, we look forward to him throwing it up in the morning.

Went to Spin. Laverne tried to make everyone feel Christmassy. See ‘despise’ above. Did more work. We finally put up the Christmas tree. The dogs currently don’t seem very interested, which is good.

Tomorrow I have a nice thread locking bug to look into. And the last pump class of the year.

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