Google analytics and Santa hats

So today started with taking Dillon to day care at 6:30. I got up fairly early anyway (well for me) as I had to take Sasha to the vet for a check-up and her shots (all okay). Still working on threading renderer type issues, was left with a bit of a bug last night, fixed fairly early on. But then there is massive amounts of testing that needs to be done before you can check code in.

Went to pump. Wore a Santa hat, as we were supposed to wear something Christmassy. Only two of us managed it. I kept the hat on for the entire class, by the time I’d finished and removed it, it was like lifting a goldfish bowl off my head.

Came back and did some more work. While it was all building I signed up to ‘Google Analytics’ so I can see how few people access my site. Currently viewing people? One, and that’s me. I will see what it gathers. I have other tracking stuff running as well, so it’s just an additional one.

New barrel arrived, so sterilised it lunchtime and got the Pinot on the go. I’ve just added the stabiliser to the Australian White, so that will need beating often over the next few days.

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