Then she jet-washed my gums

So started on time and basically spent the morning setting up a new project, which considering the amount of baggage and libraries required plus all the platforms takes quite a bit of time. Can’t announce what the project is as usual but this is quite an interesting one and could potentially be quite good.

Went out for an early run, so I could get back and have a shower. Then it was the case of chasing across town to avoid all the traffic. Problem is there wasn’t actually any which was very surprising. So spent about half hour in the dentist waiting room reading a Japanese phrase book. Then the hygienist came and collected me and spent the next half hour with a mini jet-wash and blasted the fuck out of my gums. I now have a very sore mouth, but the upper row of my teeth is no longer aching, also it’s no longer squeaking, which was to be honest a pretty odd feeling. I then crossed town again at just gone 6PM. Again no traffic. Carried on working, adding a few more bits, mainly still set-up stuff. Worked to early evening, then did another Japanese lesson on-line. Going well, lots of flash cards done. Also the grammar lessons are very interesting, a lot more of it makes sense this time round. I’m now aware of what the hell I was saying. Also I’m trying to pick up a lot of the script as well, hopefully that will just sink in. Got a few months to learn it all.

Had salad. Watched the last episode of ‘Lewis’, I thought they stretch that out a bit longer than the seven seasons, but I guess Kevin Whatley is now older than Morse was. Also James Fox was in the same scene as his dad which was a nice touch. That only really leaves ‘Mid Somer Murder’s’ left now.

Think I’ll have some cheese. After all it’s pancake day.

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