The land of the rising sun

Most of the day is a bit of a blur due to me being up for about thirty hours on the trot. So started off first thing with delivering the dog to the new kennels, she seemed somewhat ancious but I’m sure she’ll fit in just fine.

Then mother arrived and moaned that we were not ready. She then talked about her dull life for about the full hour we were on the way to Bristol airport. Sat at airport. Got a text from mother that the directions I gave her were wrong, well at least she had something to moan about. Got on the first plane to Amsterdam, journey is about four minutes.

Sat in Amsterdam airport for a bit then boarded the 777 to Narita. I watched Les Mis, okay I still think that Russelle Crowe is a bit of a twat but it was a hell of a film. I tried to sleep on the flight, this failed. I even tried to aid it by drinking about seven bottles of those wine miniture things. It was actually avery good Chillien number. Still no avail. The food wasn’t bad. But the flight overall was as boring as hell.

Arrived at Narita airport. Baggage also arrived which was a plus. Picked up the wireless pocket thing we ordered. Good Japanese efficiency there. Got the Narita Express, which isn’t that express. Got to Shinjuku, got on metro system. Found the hotel. All checked into a very nice little suite. We had a bit of a power nap for a few hours. Then ventured out, all a bit scary and very busy towards the main Shinjuku, we ended up in a small place just round the corner from the hotel. Ate pizza, drank lots of Japanese beer. Bought what I thought was milk, it wasn’t, will need to attempt that one again. So now going to call it a fairly early night as been a very very long day.

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