The joys of Serotonin Syndrome

Started this morning sorted a couple of wobble issues out. Then back to the exciting world of inventory data base work. Just ploughed on with it, got pretty much everything done that I had planned, so can’t complain.

Walked the dog. Ate a Turkey sandwich. (They didn’t have any chicken slices this week.)

Been feeling very very floaty all day. Almost stoned, like you’ve drank 300 cups of coffee. I’ve had about six, but I have a pretty high tolerance to it now. It’s been a week on the pills now so suffering from a bit of ‘Serotonin syndrome’, don’t Google it or you’ll be on eBay next looking for a nice black dress. It’s just a bit of a chemical in-balance in the brain. Your head feels just slightly disconnected from your body, almost as if there is a slight time delay. It passes, but is quite an amusing side effect. I’ll have a glass of wine, that’ll settle it down a bit.

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