More thrust than a Saturn V moon rocket

So this morning started off rather strangely. Jamie went to bed with no pants on, which is very similar to changing the shop sign from ‘closed’ to ‘open’. However I was fairly knackered and had drunk my own body weight in lager. So this morning I woke up and let the dog out for a pee and went back to bed. Jamie was on a late shift so started getting amorous. Now there are two side effects I get from Fluoxetine, the first is Serotonin Syndrome, which I had yesterday and now appears to have past (there is no longer a time delay between me moving by head and my brain knowing about it) and the other one is a minor sexual dysfunction. Now were not talking about the one where nothing happens, Mr floppy turned into Mr 20ft scaffolding pole (I do boast) in a couple of minutes. So after the foreplay we went at it. Now I was pumping away with more gusto than Arnie Schwarzenegger in a weight room. But thanks to the effects of the drugs my journey to orgasm didn’t need a stopwatch to time it, it needed a calendar. So I looked upwards and saw the Tom Daley calendar, nope. Then I closed my eyes and thought of Taylor Lautner, all rippling six pack, slowly turning into a werewolf…hmmm…then opened my eyes in shock to see a wolf by the side of me, momentarily I thought my luck was in, until I realised it was the dog. Eventually I got there and all was good with the world. I had breakfast.

Jamie went off to work, I walked the dog and called in the vet for her worming tablets. I did ask if one day she would turn into a rippling six-packed stud, they looked at me strangely and pointed out I needed to give the worming tablets to the dog and not take them myself.

I went shopping and bought some shoes, you can never have enough shoes.

Pizza dough is in the bread maker, I’ll try not to fuck it up this time.

DIY day tomorrow. Oh, I also installed Dropbox on the Ubuntu server, I’ll no doubt rattle on about that a bit next week.

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