So the woman’s just sat there in the dark with her minge out

Had a bit of an odd task to do today. Gear wobble. More accurately gear wobble sound. Anyway made a change from boring database type stuff I’ve been doing the last couple of days. It was pretty straightforward to do and is quite effective.

Nice weather again. Went out for a run lunchtime. Also started going through the Japanese course again, right from the beginning and using it as a review. Sped through the first unit in a couple of hours.

Went out in the evening for another Geocache hunt. Found another one, failed to track down two others. It is quite fun and appeals to my geekyness.

We ended up watching a documentary last night which was rather strange, it was about ‘dogging’. It mainly seems to be a way to get your wife shagged by as many odd people as possible. It appeals to ugly men and fairly ugly women. Jamie said, ‘So she’s sat there with her minge out, now what’. Well as it happened, not much. Oddly they were all wearing animal masks, which added another layer of bizareness.

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