The dog and I have made up, but still on dodgy ground

Work again was all about shaders, the Effects 11 method appears to have paid off so all coming along swimmingly although there is still tons to do on it. I reckon it will probably take the whole of next week as well before I get there.

My turn to walk the dog. I spent quite some time trying to stop her walking in front of me, but to the side. Almost got there. She actually behaved fairly well, until she came face to face with her nemesis ‘Molly’. I don’t think Sasha has a problem with Molly, rather Molly has a problem with Sasha and goes ape shit when they get within a few feet of each other. Thankfully the owner is a nice chap and we always steer clear of each other. We passed ‘tiea’ the husky without any problems, I was more concerned she was going to leap up at his little girl.

Went to pump. Uneventful, although the gym changing rooms are turning into quite a pleasurable sight for the eyes. There seems to be a mass influx of collage students, I must go earlier next time and spend a good half hour changing socks.

Well that’s it for the working week. Was going to a BBQ tomorrow but Jamie is working late and the weather looks a tad shit, plus we’ve eaten burgers every weekend for a month. And Jamie eats too much fried food. I think I may do one of my Chinese curries tomorrow, haven’t had one of those in a while.

Bath and wine time. Good weeks work though, tough going but thoroughly enjoyed it.

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