I’m sure the dog hates me

Still in shader land work wise. But made an odd decision to go with a DX11 parser rather than GL. I think it’s the right decision, time will tell. Very busy anyway.

Rotten weather. Haven’t really gone anywhere lunchtime all week as it’s been crap.

Finished mid evening so off I popped with my GPS again. Over towards Patchway, looked for four, found two. Spent about ten minutes hanging around right by the M5, probably looked rather dodgy feeling up a metal fence.

I’m sure the dog hates me, she avoids me all day and sits by the front door. She seems to refuse to sit on the couch with me unless I have food. She did fall asleep on me earlier though when I was sat on Jamie’s couch. Although Jamie was there as well, I’m sure they are having an affair. All he does is spoon that bloody dog.

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