27 caches found, 12 months worth of email lost

Got up late. But oddly no weird dreams, which is a shame I quite like those. Sasha just sat by the front door after she rose off her bed. We went for a rather damp walk, she didn’t seem to bothered. I went to Tesco’s. It should hopefully be the last time. We got sent a voucher for ‘dot com’, basically you get twelve quid off an order over sixty plus we get six months of any time delivery for thirty quid. Plus all the usual staff discounts.

Had lunch, very late in the afternoon. Then ventured out over to Henleaze to get some crickets. I filled up the GPS with a few more geocaches. Searched for four and found three so pretty happy about that. That’s twenty seven now, I’ve set myself a target of one hundred by the end of the year.

Came home, was about to do the accounts, but decided to jam my willy in Jamie’s gob. He said this was rather impolite, or rather he gagged, ‘thts vaaaie noot ice’, or something like that. He got on with it anyway. I then did the accounts. Bought car tax. Did the Tesco shopping for next week. Tried to look for an email on the laptop, after vast amounts of searching I appear to have a lost years worth of email from October 2011 to October 2012, which just happened to contain the one I was after. It’s probably lurking somewhere. So decided to back up the laptop, last time that was done was April 2012…serves me right. Anyway all sorted now. Off to make a curry.

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