Thank you ‘Dan Howell’, I went with your book choice, it made me cry

This morning I woke up, whic if you read yesterdays entry you will know is always a bit of a miracle. Actually I woke at 6AM and went for a pee. I then woke again at 8:30. Then at 9:30 for some odd reason I thought it was time to get up as there was only 30 minutes of breakfast left. I got up. I went to breakfast. Cereal, croissants, yogurt, some of that tarmac they call coffee. Then i realised just before 10 that I was actually an hour early and that breakfast didn’t in fact finish until 11. Bollocks.

I then went in search of ‘Guest Relations’, I started at reception, she pointed me across the concourse to a desk with a lady behind it. I wanted to book the Italian, I requested 7:30, she said she had a space at 7:20, I took it. I then asked where it was, as with everything else in this place it’s a voyage of discovery. It’s actually located just off the main restaurant, you could never bloody tell.

I picked up towels and placed them by the kiddie pool. I had a good oggle at the main pool, many fine specimens. I then decided to have a coffee at the kiddie pool, they have a decent machine there. By the time I’d finished I was drowning, fuck me it was hot. I went back to the room.

I picked up Jamie, actually I didn’t he was still dallying. I went to the sun-bed. I just couldn’t face ‘Aviation Law’, so I decided to get the Kindle out and read a novel. I happend upon one I picked up on recommendation by an internet blogger called ‘Dan Howell’, now he’s a very cute guy that does vlogging and I’d bang him harder than the beginning of the universe. The book is called, “The Fault in our stars”. I’m 41, and in 41 years I don’t think I’ve ever read a book in one day. I read this book in one day. Yes it’s a work of fiction, but by god is it powerful. If you get the chance to read one book this year, make it this one. You can get it for your Kindle or even in paperback. You will laugh, and by fuck you will cry.

We ate at the bar again, I went for a pee, Jamie ordered, so we ended up with two cheeseburgers and a pizza. I returned back to the sun-bed and mainly slept. That book really quite took it out of me. I ventured into the pool, it was certainly colder than it looked. At least I’d got that far. Eventually we retired to the room, I had a shower.

We had a booking for the Italian, so we turned up on time expecting it to be packed. We were the only ones there. We had crab cakes to start. I had the ravioli, it was okay but not memorable. The whole meal was pretty good. We then popped back to the room for a bit then sat at the Xanadu bar. This was because there was an ‘act’ on, who according to the blurb was fairly famous. We settled down and got some drinks. I must admits the next couple of hours was very good. I had no idea who this bloke and his band were, but they were very professional and knew their stuff. I had a really good evening, including some very bad singing according to Jamie.

Still, the holiday is almost at an end. I’m not doing any juxtaposing tonight, but I do have a couple of thoughts for the next couple of nights. But for the meantime, I’m just going to disappear into my cocktails and get fairly assholed.

Okay, a couple of queries that keep coming up. I write this blog instantaneously. I have no prerequisites, I start with thinking up the tag title line then waffle on. None of it is pre-produced, not much of it is thought of before hand. What you get is raw me, it’s my state of mind at the time. If you enjoy it, then please post, if it offends you then just fuck off. I’m me, and at the moment I’m pretty happy to be alive, this changes at regular intervals. I’m not ashamed to say I love my husband dearly, even if he thinks he’s ugly, I’ll love him to the end of time, to put up with me takes some kind of miracle. We’ve been together for seven years about, we have two children (okay dogs), I’m very comfortable with me family, they all mean the world to me. Without them I am nothing.

One thought on “Thank you ‘Dan Howell’, I went with your book choice, it made me cry

  1. We like the raw you. Wouldn’t have you any other way. You do have other family too who love you very much too, even if we don’t say it!

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