Okay so this place may have a bit of an ‘Olivia Newton John’ fetish

This morning I woke, which is quite a good thing I suppose, I’m sure there were quite a few people this morning whole failed at this feat.

I went back to sleep, and woke again at a sensible time. I walked over to breakfast, I couldn’t face the bloody awful coffee again so went for tea. Had cereal. Ate croissants. Walked back to room, on the way found two very scantily clad boys, so found a good hiding spot and took photographs. Place towels on sun-beds. Went back to room, change. Came out with Jamie, moved towels on to different sun-beds as the first lot weren’t approved. I then finished off Clarkson. I tried to get into ‘Air law’ but I fell asleep.

We had lunch at the bar, I had pizza, Jamie had pizza. We then went back to the sun-beds where I failed to make any ingress with ‘Air law’ and fell asleep again. At about 4:30 it had clouded over so we decided to go back to the room, Jamie had a bath and I fell asleep. I then had a bath I fell asleep in followed by a shower (which I didn’t). We never had sex, which made quite a nice change, my bits can heal.

We headed out for dinner earlier tonight so we could get a table outside as inside it’s just frighteningly hot. I couldn’t decided on roasted chicken or grilled sea-bass, so I had both. It was very good.

We then went back to the room for a poo. After we ventured out for the show which was ‘Grease’ performed by the entertainment team again. To be honest they put on a bloody good show, they are all professional dancers by far, yet during the day these are the same annoying people who no doubt want you to play water polo. By god have they got some fit bodies, stomach muscles yes all over, but one guy had more definition on his back than most models on their fronts. It’s all badly lip-synced of course as they are all Turkish and ‘Grease’ is very much American, well Sandy is Australian. Which brings us back to the name of the place again ‘Xanadu’, Bloody Olivia Newton John, she’s only been in two things and this hotel has managed both.

So once again, Jamie sat beside me on a sun-bed and played with his phone listening to ‘Willam’ some weird drag queen act. So would I replace him with someone else? Juxtaposition time….today I pick…mmm…how about Margaret Thatcher?

So I get the old dead up in the morning and bring her to a sun bed and place her down.

“I’m not keen on these people after I had to blow up the ‘General Belgrano'”

“That was the Argentinions.”

“Aren’t they Turkish?”


“Well I was a little bit insane about 40 years ago.”

“So you are saying you were insane before you entered government?”

“Look young man you our having a pretend conversation with a dead women and you are questioning my sanity?”

She’s got a fair point. Don’t know who it will be tomorrow. Anyway, time to hit the bar.

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