Summer must be coming, house has turned into a stomach and flu ward

Started off this morning rather slowly with it being a Monday. I was still feeling fairly tired even though I had an early night last night. Sorted out a few bits and pieces and then took a break and did TripAdvisor reviews for the hotel we stayed at as well as the restaurant and the Warner Brothers tour. Did a bit more and then took the dog out for a walk. It was raining and cold when we left so dressed for the Arctic. Within fifteen minutes it was boiling hot, so ended up carrying coats and hoodies. Anyway, she had a nice walk and slept all afternoon.

I cracked on and rewrote a load of threading stuff, pretty mundane but needed to be done.

Went to BodyCombat. It was packed. Sarah was there as well. Came back and did some more work, still ended up doing more hours than I should.

Did my first Japanese lesson on unit seven. All about family, older and younger brothers and sisters etc. Used up a load more flash cards. I’m on schedule to finish the course before we leave if I stick to it.

Ate salad.

Still watching the Japanese grand prix. Actually I’m still watching the qualifying.

There seems to be something odd happening in Boston, some explosions, still unfolding at the moment.

Spring must be in the air, Jamie sounds like he’s trying to cough up both lungs. How the hell it doesn’t kill his throat I’m not sure. May be it’s all the lubrication I give it.

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