Okay, so I mislade sixty grand

So this morning started off without a hangover, which wasn’t bad considering the amount of tequila I managed to get out of ‘Tim’ last night. We had breakfast, Jamie had the full English, I had the full bran flakes.

Reception desk was rather pleasing. We had been changed from bed and breakfast to this meal special thing. I think they wait for you to actually have a qualifying meal first. We did all right out of it really. We were only allowed £50 total but the meal came to over £60. I paid my £51 bar bill. Journey home was uneventful, but the sun was out which was nice.

Came back and had a coffee. Then just got stuck into the decorating again. Put yet more paint stripper on the patio door and did some cable burying around the door frame. Finished an hour later than I planned.

Went through the post and did the accounts. I found two pension statements for a company pension that I had completely forgotten about. Total was over £60K. That was a fairly pleasant surprise. So they are worth about £3K a year. So on that basis I need to save around another million and I’ll be sorted.

Played around a bit with my new PABX. More on than later no doubt. The Pinot is ready for clearing, I’ll get on with that at some point next week. Right, quick bath and then the Chinese grand prix.

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