Press 1 for Jamie or 2 for Tim

Started this morning a bit backwards. I decided to do my Japanese lesson this morning rather than at the end of the day. This worked out quite well as the lesson was fairly complicated. Accompanied by a couple of cups of coffee I got through it.

Work wise just doing some mundane data related stuff, just a case of ploughing through it.

Went out for a run.

Finally plumbed in my new phone system. It combines both external phone lines into a PABX and then connects to three phone systems. Two our actually on top the server cabinet and one is in Jamie’s office connected via a DECT extender, so it’s basically on it’s own circuit. All three have answering machines. I’ve set it up in auto-attendant mode, so when either line rings it answers and gives a menu of options. It all works fine except for a couple of things, one is that the phones have to be answered in 25 seconds or it kills the line. This means the answer machines have to be set to four rings. The other rather annoying problem is that it doesn’t forward caller ID, this is a bit of a shame. Anyway, we will see how we get on with it.

I syphoned off the Pinot and added the stabilser, so just a stirring job over the next few days.

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