How soon is too soon?

This morning started pretty much how I like Sunday mornings to start, well almost. I let the dogs out. Jamie eventually made me breakfast, but got confused by the coffee machine so I ended up with tea rather than coffee, and bran flakes served with the tinniest of spoons. I ate, drank and read the paper. Eventually I got up and got on with things. I popped the radiator off and got the skirting beading out. It was basically a big rotation between painting the beading, behind the radiator and touching up various bits. Eventually at the end of the day I got round to fitting the new radiator, unfortunately it’s slightly damaged at the top, but they took so bloody long to deliver it that I’ll live with it. I got Jamie down to give me a hand lifting it into position, but he got into a piss when I said don’t grab it from the top and stormed off. I then managed to finally get it all into position and hooked it up. It’s all fine and works well. I didn’t clean up everything as I’m at it again tomorrow.

Jumped in the bath, drank half a bottle of wine. My back is completely fucked. Jamie is now busy maxing out my credit card sorting out new years eve. It sounds like fun, but I’m sure I can wave goodbye to the best part of a grand. The fun thing is, I really don’t care that much about money any more. As Natalie proved, you can’t take it with you. I just know when I’m flying my little helicopter, she’s up there making sure I’m safe.

This brings me to a very very difficult point. How soon is too soon? Someone is married, the wife dies, how soon can the husband then have a new relationship? I really don’t know, it’s a very difficult question. One half of me thinks that the morning should continue quite a while, perhaps at least a year. Yet the other half says that may be for the sake of the children that a new relationship is ideal, and everyone could move on. I don’t know, it’s very difficult. I just have nagging feelings.

Tomorrow, more DIY, two days to go, and then it all must be finished. If my back holds up.

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