I did a circuit, then another one, then another, it was fab

So yesterday actually started early, well I say early, I dragged my ass out of bed by 10AM and got working. I had a lot to get into the day and not a great deal of time to do it, so just ploughed on. It was all multi-threading stuff again, but there were a few problems to overcome. There still are a few problems to overcome by the end of the day, but nothing too insurmountable, so pretty happy overall.

Went to the gym and did pump. Had a shower, came back and filled in the time sheets. Then went to the ‘Hollow Tree’ with Sarah and Shaun. We had a great time chatting. I drank about six pints of Amstel, all I find it does to me these days is make me piss a lot. We had a very average meal. We all polished our plates off, that was mainly because we were all starving rather than the food being any good. Sarah was a bit obsessed about weather her chicken was cooked, it was a bit pink, but was well past the clucking stage. Walked home, I watched the telly for a couple of hours and had a bite to eat.

Woke up this morning at 8AM, fresh as a daisy (I know you hate me), let the dogs out and fed them. Made myself breakfast. Then tootled over to the Willbrook centre to have by hair mown. It was done my a twelve year old. We were talking about computer consoles, she said “I bet you remember the first PlayStation”, “Yes dear, I was about 25.” Anyway, she did a decent enough job and it was only a tenner.

Came back and walked the dogs. Then jumped into the car and drove to Staverton. James was out doing a test flight, so hung around for a bit. Was talking to Candia, I was saying that all the pilots seemed to be about 12, she said they were. They all want to do their first solo on their 16th birthday so they are the youngest to hold a licence on that day…until the next day when someone else does it. They must have very rich parents.

I got my cushion and proceeded out to G-OJAN today, went through the check-list, James joined me and I cranked her up. I took the controls straight away and parked it at Heli-X while we waited for the runway to be clear. I then took off to the Northwest and up we went. Did a bit of upper airwork, some climbs and descents with turns. Then I did the radio call on the wrong frequency, whoops. Anyway, brought it back in piece and parked it. We then did some hovering practice, today, even with an eight knot wind I was pretty rock solid. We did a few take-offs and landings. James then said “Your ready, I’m going to show you a circuit”. So I just watched the way-points and off me went. He parked it and said it was my turn and he wasn’t going to say anything unless his life was suddenly in danger. So I brought her up into a hover, did a 360 lookout turn (which is bloody difficult keeping it on the spot), pushed the cyclic forward, kept it at about 10 feet and we started accelerating, up to 55 knots and then the transitional lift kicks in and up we go, sharp turn to the right in front of the houses and then towards the lake on the golf course. Still climbing, a right turn over the lake towards the hangers. Level out at 700 feet, 75 knots, 20 inches of manifold pressure. Bring it across to the forest and do another right, this time going into a descent, 15 inches, 60 knots, 500 ft a minute. Line up with the runway, hold it until 300 feet. Then pick a landing spot, keep it halfway up the windscreen, adjust the collective to keep that spot in the same place, adjust the cyclic so it’s coming at you at a constant speed. Bring it all the way down to about 20 feet. Flatten the disc, pull back on the cyclic, wait for the flap back. Up with the collective to 20 inches, loads of left peddle to stop it spinning, then bring it back into a hover, finally lower the collective and land it. I did a pretty good job. Did it two more times, then parked it back at Heli-flight. Fantastic. I need to sort my medical now, as the next step really will be my first solo, which is the same circuit, but without the backup of a pilot with 20,000 hours of experience sat next to you. That will be fun, but it’s coming sooner than I think. Was slightly gutted, they worked out I clock up an extra .2 hours on my night flight so had to pay for that as well. Oh, well, nice afternoons play, just shy of five hundred quid.

Came back and had lunch. Then went into town, wanted a nice shirt for the office party. Found a really nice Alexander McQueen one for £595, I resisted the temptation, however there was another one for £295 which was nice. Didn’t buy anything. Came home. Did the accounts. Then it was off to Pauline’s retirement do. Now this is the lady who runs Holly Hedge. So it’s a bit dutiful to go, even though I was on my own and didn’t know anybody. I gave her the card, exchanged pleasantries and had a very cheep pint. Helped myself to the buffet which was being served by butlers in the buff, which was a nice distraction then pretended I was popping out for a ciggie and then fucked off.

Everything has now arrived, including the light, which looks really nice. So just have to finish everything now. I think I’ll have a bath and relax a bit, it’s going to be a busy few days ahead.

Oh, I did get a bit of strange news this evening, I need to investigate it a bit more first before I comment, but I’m not overly pleased. (I doesn’t effect me directly, just someone who I was very close to).

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