Sony introduce Playstation 4, or a PC as it’s known

So yesterday started far too early as normal with taking the dog to day care. Mind you I consider it just a bit of sleep distraction as I’m soon back in bed. Still working on physics stuff, again, can’t really say too much but things are coming together now. Cleaners arrived, made a hell of a racket. I picked up the dog and then went out for a run. Came back and did some more Japanese. Then it was the Sony conference which I watched the streaming of. They announced the ‘Playstation 4’, which is basically an 8 core PC with unified memory and a powerful GPU. This will certainly make developers happy with no weird SPU’s to deal with. Streaming processors were an interesting if slightly crap idea. Every man and his dog (well except mine) knows how to code for x86. So there’s definitely a smaller learning curve. Watched shite telly then went to bed.

Today was very much like yesterday, similar sort of work, but almost coming to the end of this section now. Just some tidying up to do and add a couple of features. Went out running, it’s Jamie’s turn to walk the dog. My paint stripper hasn’t arrived, which is slightly annoying as I do want to get on with that on Sunday, so hopefully will turn up tomorrow. Spent the evening doing another Japanese lesson, it is getting a lot harder now and I’m only on unit two of ten. But I have all my flash cards and I’m sticking at it. Practice makes perfect, well at least acceptable anyway.

Right it’s torture porn night, I still have that film to get through that I’ve had for a month now. So shower, salad and porn.

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