My paint stripper arrived

Today I was back on the joys of physics. Actually I was doing engine integration. Now here’s the fun thing, you have an engine that produces a given torque at a given rpm. That rpm then goes through the drive train to the wheels. The wheels then have a re-active torque that’s applied back through the drive train to the engine. This is called integration. Now I have the engine on full throttle, I then apply the opposite torque load to the output. The revs come down, until the load applied equals the max torque of the engine. Then if the torque increases the whole model collapses and the engine dies. I think I may be taking this a bit too far.

My paint stripper samples arrived. I painted a few square inches of one, it stank the whole house out, even when I left the patio door open for three hours. The other one is like porridge. You spread it on and then put cling film over the top. Anyway, after several hours the stinky one managed to remove the top layer of paint, but the porridge one did indeed take the lot off. So I’ve covered a bigger area with it and covered it in cling-film. Will test tomorrow and see how much of it I need.

Finished everything late. Did the Japanese bonus materials for chapter one, will move on tomorrow.

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