Something pretty to look at

So back to doing dull work most of the day. Just cracked on, it kept me pretty busy and it wasn’t exactly taxing. Just required an awful lot of typing.

Walked the dog, weather wasn’t bad for once. More work. Then off to Body Combat. To my surprise there was quite a nubile blonde young chap joining the class for the first time. He stood next to me right at the front and was bloody useless. Mind you I’ve been doing combat longer than he probably has had pubic hair. Needs more weights work, no definition, no coordination and was unable to string a combo of more than one move together without fucking it up royally. Mind you it gave great amusement to the bulk of class, which mainly consists of overweight housewives. Still he had nice hair, hope he comes again and the ‘ladies who do lunch’ brigade didn’t scare him off.

Came back and did more work. Ate salad.

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