Woke up earlier than I’d planned, let the dog out for a pee. Decided it was too early for breakfast so went back to sleep. Then woke up later than I’d planned. Never mind. Ate breakfast, drank coffee and read the paper.

Then it was back on to DIY, was overly in the mood today but cracked on. Glued in the alarm cables and put filler over the top. The painted all the walls with acid, this was to neutralise the industrial paint stripper. This actually took less time than I thought it would. So had lunch and then put some filler over one wall. There’s an awful lot of filler ahead. I need to get a smaller palette knife though to do the coving with. I think it’ll all be fine, just a lot to go.

I decided I wanted to get out for a couple of hours, so wanted to try something new. As the weather was still a little bit shit I decided that naked sky diving would have to wait another week, so thought I’d give geocaching a go. This is where you are given gps coordinates of a location which contains a ‘cache’. This is usually some kind of box which contains a log book, you fill it in with your geocache number. Basically it gives a target for a walk. I picked the closest two, the first one was only 1.5Km away but it still took me about an hour to find the location. I use an app on the phone which homes in on it. The actual cache wasn’t to be found, but a lot of these things tend to get nicked, so no surprises. I then went off and found another one. I must admit it was quite good phone and got me to walk to a couple of new places. I’ll try and do a few more over the coming months, see if I can actually find the boxes.

Came back and bottled the Pinot. Managed to get 24 bottles out of it, and now drinking the dregs.

The Vigor is holding the line steady, but I see the actual network throughput has stopped, so you won’t read this until the network is reset. It’s set-up to restart ppp at 4AM, so hopefully that will kick it off, if not I’ll try and use remote access to restart it.

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