Geocaching success

As I spent most of last night working I took an hour off this morning to catch up on my Japanese lessons. I’m on target to finish again now but it’s going to be pretty hard going.

Went for a run.

Finished work at a reasonable hour so decided to go out and have another bash at geocaching. I picked one which was about 1.5Km away. The problem was this little road called the M5 which was in the way, so ended up being 3.5Km away. It was up towards Hortham under a bridge. It was nice to actually find one. The phone GPS is a bit crap, the compass just spins round and round so you have to find it using distance alone. I may treat myself to a GPS when I’m in Japan. Anyway it was a nice evening and got home just as it was getting dark. Corked the rest of the Pinot and stored it to mature. Watched some telly. Early start tomorrow as Sasha is off to playgroup.

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