So your new puppy chewed your cardy, thanks for bringing him back to the dogs home

Got up, it’s a Monday, so never really a good start to the week. Had several coffees then got on with it. Had to do quite a bit of manual fiddling about on the project today. Got it all done in the end though and looking quite nice.

Took the dog out for a walk lunch time. Had a call from a broker to do with medical insurance (I actually contacted them), it looks like what I’m paying now is pretty much on the money. I may get them to try and negotiate a better deal for me though.

Got the boiler receipt through, it’s a word document with no invoice number, but it looks like the stuff they bung out all the time as the other items on it were correct. They charged £350 labour, most plumbers would charge that for a tap washer. I asked again about the building certificate but I think that will fall on deaf ears, I do have a way round that one though, same for the consumer unit.

Got a call to do a house check for a cat. Also asked about a dog that has reappeared on the website. These things do happen, sometimes dogs just don’t settle. I asked why he was returned, apparently it was he chewed on a cardy or something. There was probably a lot more to it, but it does annoy me when a dog gets taken back because it does a bit of chewing or it pulls on it’s lead or barks a bit. It’s a puppy, they are not programmed up from birth to be perfect, you really do have to work on it. If we panic’d every time Sasha did something vaguely wrong we could have taken her back several hundred times by now. It’s a long term commitment folks, you have to work at it, it’s a two way thing.

Went to the gym, did combat, Liz is back, it was fun. Came back, did some more work. Watched some telly, ate salad. Now going to have a reasonably early night and try and start work at a sensible time tomorrow so I can finish at one.

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