Mostly I stayed in bed and read a book

So today I didn’t exactly do much. I woke up, had breakfast in the middle of the afternoon, stayed in bed and read a guide book to Japan. It was a very relaxing morning/afternoon. I then did the dog shit run, stocked up the bird table and had some toast.

Finally got round to doing the pfSense upgrade, which is now almost completed, just need to reinstall and set up NUT. Upgraded the server packages, upgraded wordpress and al it’s packages. Upgraded my Ubuntu box. Stuck a bit more filler around the boiler flu. That needs to be sanded now really to see what a full bloody mess I’ve made of it. Ordered some pastry rolling sheet things. Ordered some more wine kits. The strawberry is cleared ready for bottling, so I’ll probably do that when I start the new ones off so I can sterilise all the stuff together.

Then we went out for a meal. Chose a different place from TripAdvisor. An Italian called ‘Di Meo’, which is at the top of Gloucester Road. Looks a bit of a tip from the outside, but a lovely little restaurant. TripAdvisor review done. Here’s my review of the “Lucky Dragon”. Then came back, got into bed again and did some more reading. Think it must be time for a bath, before, mmm, bed I guess.

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