Life is short, well in my case 5ft4

Working on app code again, once again not particularly exciting. Most of the day was just fire fighting various issues with very little additional code done, but again, that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Cleaners arrived. They made a sensible decision and actually sent one of the original ones round who actually had a clue what she was doing. The fire grate still has ‘dust me’ written in it still though.

Picked up the dog from playgroup.

Did a bit more Japanese but got to the point now where new stuff isn’t really sinking in. So I think with the last week or so I’m just going to start going through from the beginning again and use that as a review. As I think it’s going to be a lot more useful to be able to order train tickets than it is to discuss the fact that ‘Maroon Five’ concert tickets have sold out. (Yes that is in there.)

Went out for a walk again with my phone GPS. Found two more geocaches, went for a third but that bloody motorway was in the way again. Anyway, good excuse for a nice walk as yet again it was a very pleasant evening. Hopefully if it gets warmer I can get the bike out and seek out a few further ones.

Jamie is cooking tea tonight, so salad free. Hopefully I’ll get it before tomorrow.

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