So now we’ve seen Wales’s No.1 Leona Lewis tribute act

Got up and took the dog for a walk. Via the vet. She’s lost a bit more weight, so well done Sasha. Went to the sorting office and picked up a parcel, then did the shopping. Jamie was with me, so was all very expensive. I then had lunch, and wanted to do a couple of re-checks for the animals. Trying to get hold of people is a real pain, found one who was in in the end so popped over there. Lovely lady and lovely dog. Dog had a couple of traits that are being worked on, but is really only a puppy still. Decided that it was getting a bit late to go into town so went back home and stripped the remaining paint stripper off and redid a couple of odd patches. Left now so I can start on the next bits afresh.

Started doing the accounts, but had to abandon it as time was getting on and we had a dinner booking.

So we went to the “Ye old’e Inn”, in Westerleigh. We had a booking for eight, but due to me getting Westerleigh and Nibley confused we got there late. The pub has just been bought by a friend of mine and this was opening night. We had a fairly good meal, there were issues with a couple of bits and service was quite slow but as this was first night blues I’ll refrain from the trip advisor review this time round. We will be going back for a Sunday roast at some point though. Now, he booked a singer, young girl. She had like a poster thing up behind her, by God that had had some serious air-brushing work as she didn’t look anything like her. Anyway, before she started Jamie said that she will do Abba and an Adele number. She fired up and sure enough did an Abba medley followed by Adele. Now she is meant to be a Leona Lewis tribute act, but to be honest she just isn’t really black. I don’t think she actually sounded like her. She did however did a really good Whitney and held every note. After she finished part one we buggered off to the bar as it was all rather loud. In part it all started to go downhill a bit as she was playing more to the pissed up crowd, nothing wrong with that, go for your audience. She never made it to dub step though. Overall a nice evening out, but as I say we will re-visit before I actually review it as an eatery.

Paint stripping tomorrow.

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