So that’s another 20 litres of paint stripper and probably the same amount of coffee

Didn’t get up as early this morning as I was planning on. Put it this way it was heading more towards the afternoon than the morning. But I still put in a good eight hour shift. So that’s all the walls covered apart from the wall behind the bookshelf and the bit behind the radiator. I reckon I can peel off about Tuesday and nail the rest next Sunday. I also consumed about 15 cups of coffee, this meant that the last section of wall I no longer required a ladder.

Put the stuff in the bread maker, that’s now making pizza dough. Finished off the accounts. Ordered a new bread bin. Booked a hotel for our anniversary, also booked the Harry Potter tour thing in London, so will be a nice day away.

Right, I’m going to have a bath in the satisfaction that I’ve done a good days manual labour. I’ll then make pizza, I’ll probably be pissed by then.

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