So in 13 years I’ve managed 1.7% on investments

Got up, which wasn’t quite a big a challenge as it normally is on a Saturday, not sure why. Walked the dog. Took her to the vet, her weight is coming down nicely now. Tried to find people in so I could do some more re-checks. Only managed one fairly old cat (the owner answered the phone, not the cat).

Did the shopping. Went into town, failed to buy anything. Went to mothers, via the cat check. Delivered to her, two bottles of wine, an electric blanket and a dressing gown. Obtained, five empty bottles of wine, some spicy nuts, some bake shake stuff and a fruit cake. a fair exchange is no robbery.

Came back and did the accounts. I had a statement from one of the long term investments from Sun Life. In thirteen years I’ve made an average of 1.7% a year. In today’s markets that’s actually probably quite good. Going back all those years though it probably isn’t. Anyway I’ll give it another thirteen and see if they improve.

Bath and curry time (in that order, but not at the same time). Sarah’s tomorrow, so take the dog out first thing.

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