I bought a new sander, I named it ‘Emeli’

So started this morning off by giving Jamie a hand job to ‘Coldplay’. Had breakfast and then got through two more pots of paint stripper. I should buy shares in Nitromors. The whole room has had at least one pass now.

Practised a bit of Japanese with Megan.

Took Jamie and Megan to Toy’s R’ Us. I went to B&Q and looked at paint stripper, it’s half the price in Tesco’s. Dropped Megan off at the station. Went to Tesco’s and bought more paint stripper. Also bought a new dustpan and brush as I think I managed to bin the old ones in a rubbish bag.

Did more stripping. I think the door frame is about as good as I’m going to get it, so will have to tidy that up with the sander now. One piece of skirting is also ready for sanding. I still need to do more skirting and getting the stain out of the wood round the patio door. I’ll attempt that next work day. I reckon I have at least two days of stripping and sanding to do. That will then be the end of the stripping phase and on to the restoring phase, but one step at a time.

Played with the dog until she was knackered. Now actually finished at a reasonable time. Shopping and bits tomorrow, I’ll try and get at least one more home re-check in tomorrow as I’m slowly catching up now.

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