Easter Sunday, Emeli sander and the Simon Cowell trousers

Yesterday then. Started off with getting up earlier than I’d liked. Had breakfast, drank coffee. As the dog was going to be spending a considerable amount of time on her todd today I thought it wise to take her hour for a decent walk. Two hours later we got back, she was suitably tired. The weather actually was quite nice, at one point it got above freezing. I just had enough time to mop up the sweat from my balls before mother arrived to pick us up.

Arrived at Sarah’s where we then devoured quite a nice turkey. Afterwards we sat around and drank about six bottles of wine. Shaun and Homer Simpson our now indistinguishable. My mother sat there and aged while looking like a dead catalogue model for ‘Kim & Co’. Jamie sat in the corner wearing Easter bunny ears, looking like a reject from a ‘One Direction’ tribute act casting call. My nephew Conor is looking more and more like Jomah Lomu (except for the black bits) and my other nephew Daniel looked like his hair was cut by the council and wore jeans which looked like Simon Cowell hand-me-downs. I’ve seen lower rise tower blocks. He was wearing a cool t-shirt though, as it was one I gave him.

Mother dropped us back home so we could let the dog out. Dog tried to mug my mother, but was soon distracted by a pigs trotter. We had coffee and discussed paint colours.

We returned to Sarah’s for some nibble bits and a few more bottles of wine. We then played some strange Xbox game where we had to create shapes, ‘Hole in the wall’ or something. Anyway, much fun was had by all. Came back home and went to sleep. Busy day tomorrow.

So today started in a similar way to one a few days ago, except this time I was on the receiving end and the song was Blondie’s ‘Teenage kicks’. It was quite nice to hear that version rather than the dolcit tones of ‘Harry Styles’. Mind you it was playing on Claudia Winklemann’s show, which is slightly ironic as I’m sure she’s porked him at one stage or another.

I got up and put another layer of paint stripper on the skirting boards. I then got Emeli out and started on the door frame. So I’ve put in an eight hour shift, I now have the door frame and skirting boards all done. Just the patio door frame needing a bit more work. I think I’m going to move the phone wire next week, depending on the weather and try and finish the patio door off.

I’m now all covered in dust.

Debating if I should have pizza as technically it is a salad night. But I have been working pretty hard and I’m sure I have a small one in the freezer somewhere.

Definitely going to have a bath though. And some wine, there’s always time for wine.

TheHut.com do have a flash sale on, so will have a quick look to see if I can pick Daniel up something before he decides that V-neck tank tops and loon pants are this years must have fashion accessory.

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