So I dreamt about a wiring fire this time

So this morning I didn’t get out of bed perhaps when I should of and ended up nodding off again. So I then dreamt about a small fire in a cable cupboard in Jamie’s room. This is more than likely to happen, unlike the £450 parking ticket.

Just when the cold was just about over I’ve now started coughing which is rather annoying.

Walked the dog. Had lunch then did the shopping. Popped out this afternoon on a quest to get some crickets for the lizards. On the 3rd shop managed to find some, very odd shop in Henleaze, all mirrored glass and no customers. Visited mother, listened to her ankle problems and admired her deep hole. Came back and did the accounts, drank a bottle of Carling Zest, it’s an interesting taste. Ordered my GPS unit for Geocaching, should be here Monday. Bought the new Daft Punk album, will give it a blast later.

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