Left a bit, keep your head down ‘Today’s special value is coming on’

So today started how I like to start a Sunday, late. No action was had, we have the sex drive of a fridge. I got up, let the dog out for a pee then made breakfast, which consisted of very strong coffee and Bran Flakes. Then got out of bed eventually, picked up the dog shit then had lunch. Now since I’ve had this bit of a cough I thought that sanding plaster probably wasn’t the greatest idea so decided to do a bit more geocaching instead. Off I trotted to Almondsbury, searched for three, found two. Ended up looking up under a bridge for ages and couldn’t find that one, but did find another one cleverly hidden inside a log. Good fun.

Walked back rather briskly as we were going to a BBQ at Sarah’s. Usual drinking and hilarity took place. Her boys are getting very vulgar, I like this. There was much talk of vagina’s and how certain people may be getting theirs serviced. Anyway, nice end to the week, think I’ll finish it off now with a nice bath then bed.

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