I had a dream about getting a parking ticket

So I was dreaming…..for some reason I was at a family gathering at a castle. I’d parked the car at a pay and display car park at the bottom of a hill. I was at the castle then had a horrible feeling that I’d failed to buy a ticket. So I walked back down to the car. Sure enough, on the windscreen was a parking ticket for £450. I was rather annoyed so tried to purchase a ticket, but the machine wouldn’t take my money as it was gone past 6PM when then charging stopped. I then woke up.

Spent the day going through conference material. Again, can’t really say any more than that.

Rang up GoDaddy.com about my SSL certificates expiring and asked if I can just change to a 3 year 5 domain one. Apart from the American on the end of the phone continuously to me as ‘you guys’ it was all pretty smooth. It’s now all on one certificate, so I have that on mannmansion, then I added my other blog (and it’s www equivalent) and the pfSense firewall. All is good and now expires 2016, I cocked up a little bit as the original certs don’t expire until the end of July, but considering I only paid a tenner each for them anyway and now got a 40% discount I’m not going to kick up a fuss. Install appears to have gone fine with all Apache sites working fine and mail still appears to be sending (actually I better test that). I need to sort courier out which is the odd one as that uses different certificates based on IP address, I guess I can remove that bit now and just point it to the one. That’ll be a job for another day though. Yes, mail is sending.

Walked the dog. It was very nice lunchtime. She was very well behaved with a couple of other dogs we came across.

Right, I’m done for the day then. Bath and wine.

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