So I can almost hover (on the simulator)

Work was a bit of a pain as I was waiting around for data to build and then moved on to something else. Mind you the ‘something else’ is pretty good, so no real complaints there.

Walked the dogs, very well behaved. Went to combat, good fun.

Came back, did some more work, then fired up x-plane 10. Still don’t have my peddles yet, but I’m now beginning to hover, and recover from bad situations. I think it’s going to be much easier when I get the peddles as I keep moving the collective at the moment when moving the torque pedals as it’s on the same stick. So the time is slowly paying off, I’ll try and get an hour a day in, split between hovering and normal flight. Got lots of complex books to read as well. May have an early night tonight and do some reading.

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