I now have the peddles, I’m a fully qualified flight sim geek

So started off fixing alignment on a 64 bit allocator. Then probably spent about the next five errors searching for a GPU hang. Found it in the end using a bit of know how and hand disassembling the render list. That was fun. Many more things like that to come no doubt. Skipped lunch as I wanted to clock up a couple of extra hours.

Went for a run, had a shower, then plugged in my new pedals…I got the Cessna one’s which okay aren’t the same as an R22 but they are as good as I’m going to get. Got them set up on the iMac with XPlane 10. Woohoo, after I stopped the wheelie chair from going backwards they were great. Stops me from cocking up the collective control. I did an hour of hovering and flying, almost beginning to get the hang of it. Read about half the pilot book last night, will do a bit more tonight. Looking forward to the next lesson now, hopefully the simulator time will all pay off.

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