If I owned a stake house, it would be called, ‘Apocalypse Cow’

So this morning I woke up to Sasha licking my face. So I went downstairs and let the dogs out. Dillon had left a large present in the dinning room, I left it there. At about 11AM I persuaded Jamie that breakfast was required for two dogs and me. Dillon’s gift still remained. I had breakfast and read the paper. Jamie went to the bathroom. Now he only does this for two reasons, one he’s going to work, two he wants sex. He wasn’t working today. I shut Dillon outside the bedroom, Sasha was under the bed, but she had her iPod on. We had pretty average sex. I got up and did some gardening. The neighbour came over and asked if he could encourage me to cut down the man eating thorn tree overhanging the road, I obliged. I also tidied up the back garden a bit as well. Picked up all the dog shit.

I had eggs for lunch. We then took the dogs out. Happy families, dad and dad and the two kids. We went up to the field in Almondsbury. Sasha was let off lead and was fine. Dillon pulled and was very jealous. I left Jamie to walk back with them and I went off geocaching. There’s were two awkward ones I wanted to tick off. About three hours of walking, but I got them both.

Came back home and did an hours flying on the simulator. I seemed to work fine with two joysticks plugged in the Mac, so I’ve bought the peddles. Hovering is improving….slowly. Then I did the accounts and had a bath. Watched Jamie’s, ‘Sonic Retrospective’ while soaking. It wasn’t bad. Now it’s time for tea. Busy couple of weeks ahead and then off on holiday which will be nice.

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